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Registration for AgEmerge 2021 will be available soon.

Agriculture and farming practices are evolving quickly, technology is developing at a rapid pace and the amount of available information to sort through is overwhelming. So, where should you go to understand what’s next? AgEmerge offers a unique opportunity to hear from multiple perspectives and strives to provide educational diversity and transparent communication you can trust.

Accelerating knowledge.

AgEmerge is the convergence of three different viewpoints: Thought Leaders who have a fresh perspective, Entrepreneurs who are pioneering new solutions for the farm, and Growers who have hands-on experience in the field. Where most conferences focus on each of these groups individually, AgEmerge brings them together for an immersive experience with big picture discussions on emerging trends in soil, plant, and animal health as well as a glimpse at new technologies coming down the pike. It’s an opportunity to glean knowledge from others’ experiences and really dig in to discover how you could apply some of these concepts on your operation.

Facilitating leadership.

We believe that cooperatively, these three groups have the opportunity to bring forth real change in the world of agriculture. AgEmerge is a platform that focuses on facilitating an environment for growers to lead the way in achieving the goals of sustainability, profitability and ultimately leaving the land better than the way we found it. Whether you’re an early adopter, bringing new technology to the market, or have an out of the box idea to share – AgEmerge is an event you don’t want to miss!

Equipping for action.  

After a two-day immersion of new ideas and lively discussion, you won’t just go home with a great experience, you’ll leave equipped with an invaluable community. The AgEmerge Community is a web-based platform for attendees that enables the continuation of active engagement and transforming ideas into actions throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to build lifelong connections with other forward thinkers.

AgEmerge Growers.

As a grower, you’ve seen how agriculture has evolved over the last 10, 20 or even 50 years – imagine what’s to come? Technology and ideas are coming at us at a rapid pace and the history of our industry is a testament to the inevitability of change. You can either be a victim to change, or you can control it.


AgEmerge is an event for those who want to be in the driver's seat. We invite forward thinking and innovative growers to listen to new ideas from thought leaders and look at new technology from entrepreneurs and give them honest feedback about what changes you would like to see made in the industry.  


This isn’t a conference you’ll spend two days at and leave with one applicable piece of information. You’ll leave connected to a network of forward-thinking growers who are implementing ideas and open to feedback. You’ll have an idea of what technology is coming down the pike, and even have a say in what tools you’d like to see developed. Your mind will be buzzing with ideas and possibilities for your own operation.  AgEmerge is an event that you will look forward to coming back to year after year, not just for the beautiful views on Monterey Bay, but for the knowledge that will make your operation thrive in the future.


AgEmerge Thought Leaders.

In a world that’s always progressing, why would agriculture stay the same? AgEmerge is offering a platform for those who see things differently. An AgEmerge Thought Leader is always analyzing the way things are done and wondering how it can be done better. They offer out of the box thinking that has the possibility to change an entire industry. AgEmerge provides a platform to share new ideas in a 17-minute AgEmerge Address where speakers will dive deep into their “Why” and in a 1-hour AgEmerge Session where they will expand on the “Why” and “How” of their idea with forward-thinking growers that crave more knowledge and entrepreneurs that want to bring these ideas to life. AgEmerge attendees are progressive and forward-thinking growers who are engaged and receptive to new ideas.


AgEmerge Entrepreneurs.

AgEmerge is bringing about promising ideas for the future of agriculture that we know can yield results, and today’s technology may not be equipped for them. In the Emerging Tech Showcase, we aim to spotlight up-and-coming as well as new-to-market technology that will help bring these ideas to life. 

One of the most challenging hurdles of a start-up business is identifying and understanding the true needs of their market and making sure their product or service will actually fulfill them. AgEmerge strives to bring all the right minds together to help make future products more relevant and able to succeed in the marketplace faster. In a room full of progressive, forward-thinking growers, AgEmerge Entrepreneurs will gain the most valuable feedback about the realities of implementing their ideas. 

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