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What are the soil health principles?

Put these Principles into Practice

Soil Health Principle 1: Minimize Soil Disturbance

  •    Reduce organic matter degradation

  •   Save fuel, labor and equipment costs

  •   Promote diverse microbiological communities

  •    Reduce the potential for soil erosion

Soil Health Principle 2: Keep the Surface Covered

  •   Minimize evaporation losses

  •    Regulate surface temperature

  •    Reduce exposure to wind and water erosion

  •   Suppress weeds

Soil Health Principle 3: Increase plant diversity

  •    Increase diversity of microbial communities

  •    Reduce disease environment

  •    Reduce insect pressure

  •    Reduce need for fertilizer inputs

Soil Health Principle 4: Maintain a Living Root

  •    Continually feed the diverse microbial communities

  •    Capture and sequester carbon whenever possible

  •    Create more channels for water infiltration and air exchange

  •    Build stronger soil aggregates

Soil Health Principle 5: Integrate Livestock into Cropping System

  •   Facilitate rapid carbon sequestration

  •    Graze cover crops for cost offsets

  •   Improve nutrient cycling and microbial communities

  •    Increase farm diversity and revenue per acre

  •    Mimic the natural design of ecosystems

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